8 Best Audio Technica Headphones in 2021

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Check Latest Price Audio-Technica ATH-SR30BTBK Check Latest Price Audio-Technica ATH-M20X Check Latest Price Headphones may function as regular speakers, but they are significantly different; they are small speakers that can be worn around and in your ears. Headphones regularly have two ear cups attached by a band that you can place over your ... Read more

How to Clean Your Headphones

Introduction You have cleaned your keyboard, phone, and mouse, but have you clean your headphones? Cleaning your ear wax plus disinfecting the headphones is great for hygiene; it improves the quality of your sound. Against this, this article will examine how to clean your headphones while laying little emphasis on why you should clean your … Read more

History Of Headphones

Overview Headphones, like most gadgets, have become a permanent feature of life on earth regardless of the different geographical locations and cultures of people all over the world. It’s amazing how they are involved in practically every facet of human life, ranging from music and entertainment to aviation and telecommunications. At this point, it is … Read more

7 Best Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers in 2021

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8 Best Audiophile Headphones in 2021

Grado SR325e Check Latest Price Sennheiser HD 820 Check Latest Price Beyerdynamic Amiron Check Latest Price 8 Best Audiophile Headphones in Review Headphones have been around for a long time, and although with the improvement in technology, they have improved. Over the past couple of years, we have seen new trends and designs of headphones, ... Read more

Earbuds vs Headphones – Pros & Cons

Overview The chances are that this discussion has often developed in your brain. Earbuds and earphones, which is the best choice whether at home or outside to satisfy your inclinations towards music? The appropriate response, indeed, is somewhat more specific than you would expect. In this article, the fundamental emphasis on the contrasts between a headphone … Read more

Why is my iPhone stuck in headphone mode?

Overview Most aspects of human lives, daily activities, and existence are not what they used to be in the early days. Most of these sectors have become better, more efficient, and less stressful. Communication is one aspect where development and improvement are visible. The days of oral tradition being the chief mode of passing messages … Read more

Do Earphones or Headphones cause Hearing loss- Can they damage the Ears

Overview Earphones are a portable device that better embodies the human experience mostly at the cutting edge. Bluetooth headphones and earbuds today allow you to isolate yourself from people around you while allowing you to interface with the entire world of sounds at the same time. You’re enabled to tune into that music or watch … Read more

Can Toddlers Wear Headphones? Is it Safe?

Overview Headphones are smaller versions of loudspeakers. They are usually hung around the necks of people covering both ears. These headphones were developed for situations of noise cancellation and comfort. Most people would like to listen to music or watch a video without disturbing those around them. In these recent ages of IOT toddlers between … Read more

What is Headphone Impedance? Difference between High and Low? Full FAQs

Overview Headphone impedance is a theory that is frequently misunderstood. While impedance does certainly play a crucial function in discerning whether a headphone can be difficult to drive or not, there are extra components such as headphone sensitivity that must be recognized to rightly discern how power thirsty a headphone is. Comprehending these two theories … Read more

Can Headsets Make an Individual Anti-social?

Overview We live in a society where science is ubiquitous, and individual can’t have enough of your cell smartphones. Out of 100 million Filipinos, 40 million are online, 32 million use your cell smartphones, and that’s just online. What about those disconnected who DO use your smartphones?. All over, for one reason or another, we … Read more

What headphones does Porter Robinson use?

Overview Gone are the days when headphones were solely used for communications or flight purposes. Nowadays, they have become devices for basic enjoyment and pleasure. They are also very key to song producers and disc jockeys. This is because headphones give them an added advantage and enhance efficiency and professional delivery. It is now a … Read more

5 Best Subwoofers Amplifiers in 2021

BOSS Audio Systems Riot 1100M Monoblock Car Amplifier Check Latest Price Rockford Fosgate R500X1D Prime 1-Channel Class D Amplifier Check Latest Price Pioneer GM-D8601 Class D Mono Amplifier Check Latest Price If you feel you’re ready to install a subwoofer in your car, you will need an amplifier with the required subwoofer connections. You could ... Read more

What headphones does DJ Khaled wear?

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What headphones does DJ Jazzy Jeff wear? Full list of his equipment

Overview It is commonplace to see people from different geographical, socio-cultural, and physical backgrounds with headphones daily as their use has attained a widespread level with no restrictions on age, gender, or social class. The importance of headphones in today’s world cannot be over-emphasized as it has formed an integral part of the equipment gear … Read more