Best Songs to Test Bass


When you have carefully installed your audio or AV receiver with or without a subwoofer, you may want to measure the bass tone of your audio using songs to hear music and home theatre videos. Of course, we still suggest that you set up a subwoofer for watching movies, but as much as your fronts are supportive of low-end frequencies, it is not totally required for audio.

In this series, to test the bass, we suggest these songs so that you could always change your settings accordingly to deliver the best potential music audio experience.

  • M.A.D – Hadouken
  • Complete of confusion and pandemonium, “M.A.D.” by Hadouken, the London party! Brings undue hype of electronics. The crackling bass attempts to “crack your cranium,” and the loud, electronic lyrics and chaos are accompanied by the relentless hammering of the drum and bass. Every single moment is crazy, and you are held on your toes by enigmatic rises and falls. The tension and stress of this pounding track can be replicated by only the finest floor-standing speakers.

  • Titanium – David Guetta
  • The global hit “Titanium” enchants the crowds, inspiring them from beginning to end. This album featured some powerful dance-club style rhythms from French DJ David Guetta. The vocals of Australian artist Sia bring suspense and excitement to a melody of almost vintage nature. The throbbing bass beat is unremitting and mentally poignant. The roaring enthusiasm of this electric pop song just deepens the heightened enthusiasm and erratic declines emphasized by the inclusion of well-placed destructive bass.

  • Radioactive – Imagine Dragons
  • The famous track “Night Visions,” was released by the band Imagine Dragons from their hit album “Radioactive.” “The Host,” is a futuristic, special mix of dubstep and electronic music, renowned from the movie trailer for “Radioactive.” All across the record, the thundering bass just evolves, escalating throughout the chorus into deep depths. In a chemical age, songs declaring liberation and regeneration enhance feelings as sublime as the bass issuing from your floor-standing speakers and pulsating your core.

  • Another One Bites the Dust- Queen

This album by Queen, a timeless masterpiece, is an immensely popular song that has dominated not just the contemporary music industry, but also contemporary music. Queen has a range of excellent albums, including Bohemian Rhapsody, Final Countdown, and We Are Champions.

This though, is perhaps the one that is their finest bass album. It’s got some pretty good beats that will get you rolling for real. An attempt is probably worth it.

  • Longview- Green day

The nineties were a period with many pop culture occurrences, particularly in the musical business. It was at the piqué, with the advent of many young artists, a few old ones at their piqué, and several music to listen to. Throughout that period, Green Day were among the bands to launch out, and they appeared to thrive. They are best known for their influential rock music, which is famous globally. This type of music is one of their trademark tracks that, in terms of its bass, is energetic and a joy to listen to.

  • Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
  • Optimistic and full of air, with its new animation and booming bass,’ Can’t Stop Us’ will enthrall and draw you in. The feisty bass beats aggressively compliment the speed of the lyrics sung by “Macklemore.” Seattle singer/songwriter. This infectious melody is fiercely irresistible, and eclectic and new is the throbbing bass. This innovative melody makes percussion, piano, cymbals, whimsical handclaps and a complete ensemble equipped with floral trumpets and thundering trombones eccentric and marvelously exciting.

  • Igor Stravinsky – The Rite of Spring

In the next one, you might need to bandage yourself down, such is the energy on show. At the end of this section, Stravinsky himself related to as “a noise” and who we really are to contend.

It definitely builds on an instrumental cacophony, with sinister, crashing drums that hold the emphasis as the rest of the ensemble apparently struggles for dominance. Angry strings and throaty brass claim strength and consistency, and the neighbors will presumably apologize.

  • Van Morrison – Moondance

A textbook wandering bassline stars the title track from one of the best songs of all time, complete with live-style creativity to the rhythm, resting peacefully in the distance. The vocals of Van the Man take center stage, while the flute’s saxophone slashes and swirls will catch your ear across. The bass just ticks all around, holding it in time. A perfect check on the system’s ideal package and structure.

  • Rage Against the Machine – Bullet in the Head

The funk-metal genre of Rage Against the Machine owes itself ideally to noisy, heavy, low-strung bass riffs. Before mixing things up for a few minutes of ripping, this illustration sees bassist Tim Commerford take it easy with a workmanlike performance.

In the neck-breaking end, an attentive machine can pick out lots of detail – you should be able to recognize the snap of the cords, not just a wall of distortion, particularly as the additional layers of guitar come into the blend.

  • Sloop John B- THE BEACH BOYS

Among the most successful bands of the 1970s and 1980s, the Beach Boys were already in command of a large fan base. One of their biggest hits of all time is this specific single. It is a wonderfully crafted masterpiece with outstanding vocals, brilliant instruments and a perfect production overall. With this tune, one really can’t go wrong. This song’s bass is also top notch. The reality that the single was so successful that the whole album was dominated says a great deal to its success.

  • Sail- Awolnation

Awolnation is a famous American rock and roll band that, with its hit singles, achieved fame in 2011. Of their most successful and hit albums, Sail is. The album, written by Aaron Bruno, is simple but heavy. It’s got a cheerful bass and a heavy one. The bass’s charm is made all the greater by the music’s accessibility, switching the emphasis to the rhythms. The bass powers the song and brings it energy and contributes to the vocals. Surely it is one to try out.


Around here, there are a couple of music worth trying out. Both of them have an attraction of their own. There are also some tracks worth finding out in the bass songs, even aside from the ones presented here. Well, go over and discover. Who knows, you could just discover the one you were hoping for. When referring to more songs, one simply can’t go wrong.

The advent of digital online media has made the exploration of music all the simpler. Spotify has a wide selection of tracks, some on the vocals and some on the drums, many of which have distinct focuses. To find some fresh songs that may fit your lifestyle, it is pretty easy to figure them out.