What headphones does Ammin Van Buuren use?


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Music is a universal language spoken and understood by everyone in the world regardless of geographic, physical, social, or even language differences. Every region of this world has forms of music which they relate to. It is possible for one to listen to songs in foreign languages and not understand the lyrics but can still connect to the beats and rhythm. Today, music is a force that brings people together despite their differences in race, origin, ancestry, and beliefs. Music is also a good source of joy and happiness as it can help put people in a good mood. According to scientists, music also is therapeutic.

As time passes, some devices have been developed to make people truly enjoy music, of which headphones take a front seat. Headphones have become popular music accessories which help to make musical experiences even better. Audiophiles, sound engineers, and even music probably cannot effectively function without headphones. Disc jockeying is another aspect of music where the contributions of headphones cannot be overlooked. It’s not a wonder when DJs are often spotted with headphones, especially when performing. One popular DJ who places importance on quality headphones is Armin van Buuren, a record producer who also hosts a very popular radio show with millions of listeners all over the world. His contributions to trance music are incredibly significant as they have led to the rise of trance music globally. Trance music is a form of the electronic genre that is mostly instrumental.

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A brief biography on Armin Van Buuren

This immensely talented DJ hailed from the Netherlands and was born on the 25th of December 1976, and is forty-four years old. Van Buuren has been ranked number one DJ by DJ Mag for four years in a row. He also has a single Grammy Award nomination making him the fourth on the list of trance artists to receive the nomination. Surprisingly he studied Law at Leiden University and even has a Master’s degree in law. He has performed in notable musical and historical events, which have earned him immense popularity.

Armin van Burren has been seen with different headphones, but one which he frequently uses is the JBL CLUB ONE Wireless Over-ear headphones often seen with him during shows. He also favors the Beyerdynamic DT 250-80 Closed-back headphones, which according to many, are of very high quality.

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JBL CLUB ONE Wireless Over-ear headphones

To many DJs, including Van Buuren, these sets of headphones are major blessings as their designs speak loudly of sophistication and high-level quality. The JBL CLUB ONE is built with plastic held together by metal alloys making it very strong and durable. It allows comfort as it can be worn comfortably for a long time with no adverse effects on the wearer. Its lightweight, flexible nature makes it very comfortable, and its weight is evenly distributed on both sides. The headphones come with a sound that is balanced and neutral with a slight touch of bass which may seem extra but is just suitable for critical listening. It also comes with a strong battery that can last for over 50 hours of use and an auto-off feature that conserves power when not in use. It is also wireless and so affords the wearer a form of freedom and ease. The CLUB ONE, however, is bulky when placed alongside other headphones and can pose a challenge during transit, but its portable carrying case can help ease stress. Its noise-canceling technique is not as effective as others that are in its price range, but it is still a great choice seeing that Van Buuren uses it.

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BeyerDynamic DT 250-80 Closed-back headphones

These sets of headphones were used by Van Buuren while he was still starting, and he still favors to date. They were designed with comfort in mind as they are styled so that the wearer’s comfort and pleasure are not compromised. They are made mainly of plastic and aluminum alloys which primarily ensures durability. They are ideal to be worn for long with no discomfort involved as they have comfortably soft headbands and ear-pads. They provide a different experience for listeners as they come with a distinct, detailed, and well-attuned sound profile accompanied by a precise bass level and accuracy. They can be quite on the high side economically and are wired. As they are closed-back, they are superb sound retainers and great for critical listening. They are also made up of easily replaceable materials, and so solve the problem of searching for replacements when they get damaged. They are easily taken apart and can be great for audiophiles who fancy tinkering and modding. In summary, these headphones are excellent choices for DJs and sound enthusiasts.

Armin Van Buuren’s love for the JBL headphones led him to partner with them in designing the JBL CLUB ONE Headphones, which took about eighteen months to produce. They are luxurious as each costs about three hundred and fifty dollars. He labored hand in hand with JBL’s audio specialists from start to finish on the headphones. Knowing that someone as versatile and professional as Van Buuren helped develop these headphones, it is safe to conclude that quality is highly guaranteed. There is also an assurance of reliability, efficient and effective professional delivery.


Going by the career success and long DJing experience that Van Buuren enjoys, it is safe to say that he is driven by excellence. The headphones which he uses also testifies to this fact. Although they can be very expensive, they are of the best and highest standards. So for DJs and music enthusiasts who want to get the best sounds always, these two headphones are just right for use. Whether used for disc jockeying, song recording or just listening for fun, these headphones give out an assurance of getting the best sound there is, giving one a different experience.