What headphones does Porter Robinson use?


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Gone are the days when headphones were solely used for communications or flight purposes. Nowadays, they have become devices for basic enjoyment and pleasure. They are also very key to song producers and disc jockeys. This is because headphones give them an added advantage and enhance efficiency and professional delivery. It is now a common and acceptable thing for DJs to be seen with headphones hanging around their necks or over their ears. Headphones have become a major feature of their equipment gear. Seeing how key and strategic the place of headphones is in music production, it is safe always to choose those with high standards and an assurance of good quality.

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One headphone that brand with such a good reputation is the Pioneer headphones which is why Porter Robinson has been seen severally wearing and using Pioneer HDJ-2000 headphones. He also has another favorite Pioneer HDJ-500 TK headphones, fabulous for record production. While in his studio, he tends to switch his choice of headphones to the Sony MDR V700 DJ headphones. Porter Robinson’s choices of headphones speak volumes as he is an American DJ and record producer quite famous for his songs.

He was born on July 15, 1992, in Georgia, and he is twenty-eight years old. His superb record-producing ability earned him a Grammy Award nomination. He picked up an interest in music at a young age as he began to produce at twelve years of age after learning it all by himself. He is currently regarded as one of the finest DJs in America and usually graces the top spot on the DJ Mag’s list of best DJs. The genres of music with which he is involved are electro house and synth-pop. He is also a very fantastic DJ whose contributions to the world of disc jockeying are highly significant. It is no wonder why he fancies headphones of relatively high quality as he feels that his audience deserves nothing other than the best.

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Headphones used by Porter Robinson

Although some DJs do not particularly place importance on the headphones they use, it is worthy to note that Porter Robinson does. He frequently uses the following headphones:

Pioneer HDJ-2000 DJ Headphones

This model of headphones is a pride and joy of many DJs, including Porter Robinson. It is extremely hard not to like the sleek and compact design built for the comfort and pleasure of DJs. They are structured in such a way that they can be folded, and this does not affect the super strength of the headphones. The plush and soft designs of both ear pads and head pads make them quite comfortable for long time use. They are also made to stand the rigors of DJ life as they possess a solid metal strong enough to last for long. One convincing aspect of these headphones is their excellent sound quality. Clarity is the foundation of the device as the audio produced is crystal clear, whether it be the highest treble or deepest bass. Even more surprising is the fact that there is no distortion, even at high volume levels. This sole feature has endeared these headphones to the hearts of DJs all over the world. Its sound quality makes it more of a tool in the hands of record producers. Although it is pretty expensive, it is a great choice for DJs who desire to be professional and efficient.

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Pioneer HDJ-500 DJ Headphones

These designs of headphones are an asset in the family of Pioneer headphones. They are suitable for DJs as they were specially built for them. They are also designed for a flexible lifestyle and extreme comfort. They are DJs favorites as they are built with technologies that make it easy and accurate to monitor dance tempo, which is quite important to the DJ. They are also lightweight, portable, and wired. The clarity achieved in other Pioneer headphones is also replicated here, making them a top choice for disc jockeying. They are foldable, making them convenient for transit.

Sony MDR V700 Headphones

This set carries optimum comfort in mind as they have reversible and swivel ear cups that can turn in several degrees as pleasing to the wearing. They are wired and also foldable limiting the stress involved in transit. They have comfortable earpads designed to be worn for a long time. They are also made of strong materials, thereby ensuring their durability. As for sound quality, there is an assurance of the best. They are fitted with special sound-enhancing technologies making them just perfect for audio professionals.

Over the years, these headphones have become close companions of Porter Robinson as they are usually seen often with him. Considering that he’s skilled at what he does, they seem to be the right choices.

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It is wise to always go for the best when choosing headphones, and the ones listed as favorites of Porter Robinson look like such. It is, however worthy to note that while these headphones promise quality and professionalism, they are very expensive. They are more expensive than the regular ones. There is also a consoling fact that while one might spend a fortune on them, they, in turn, provide a befitting reward for their high prices. Even though headphones are not all it takes in making and recording good music, they play a vital role as a bad-sounding headphone can produce a confused musician. Having stated this, it is important to look for good sound quality when choosing headphones, especially for those involved in music production. Other factors like comfortability, portability, durability, and battery power should also be considered. Nevertheless, priorities should be considered in relation to the sector where the headphones will be utilized. For sound professionals and DJs, sound quality and comfort are the major priorities.

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