About Us

Music Rooms emerged because one music enthusiast who is also a writer dreamed about creating a website for music lovers to encourage them to broaden their love and passion for music. Musicians, artists, music hobbyists, and aspiring musicians will find the best tips and tricks to intensify their love and passion for music. There are how-to-guides for using audio equipment the best ways to maximize a magical musical experience. 

Music Rooms also provides helpful advice from music enthusiasts on how to enjoy your music experience. You will discover methods that you likely never knew in the past about how to do that. If you want to learn to play an instrument, you will find the best types to invest in based on musicians’ written reviews. You will also learn about the recommended audio equipment such as headphones and speakers written by musically inclined contributors. A guitarist who is also a writer, an audio equipment salesman, and a drummer contribute high-quality and inspiring content to Music Rooms. Read the bios of the contributors to learn more about them. 

Founder, Chief Editor

Bill Nash

Bill Nash was born in Newark, New Jersey, and always expressed in the arts, including music and creative writing, when he was young. Many of his extracurricular activities involved playing the piano, singing, and arts and crafts. Bill was unsure if he wanted to join a band, but he played the piano, saxophone, and violin when he was a teenager and still enjoys playing those instruments. 

Bill thought about owning a business selling musical instruments, and he attended Rutgers University and took marketing courses. After graduation, Bill met his wife from Boston and moved to Boston. He landed a marketing position at a digital marketing agency in the city. It was not long after that Bill decided to establish Music Rooms. His motivation behind establishing the site was to help music enthusiasts and band members find enjoyment in music. Bill also does freelance writing on the side and writes in the musical niche. Besides music, writing, and work, Bill enjoys cooking and traveling with his wife and two daughters. 

Jessie Anderson

Jessie Anderson was born in the Bronx, New York. Her father was part of a local band who played the acoustic guitar at pubs, and he taught her how to play the acoustic guitar at a young age. She took to it quite well and ended up taking guitar lessons. Jessie also learned to play the electric guitar when she was in high school. During her high school years, Jessie started showing an interest in creative writing and liked the idea of writing for a living. She knew it would take her time to build a writing career, so she wanted to take a job that would offer her security in the meantime. 

Jessie decided to go to bartending school, and at the same time, a band recruited her as a guitar player in pubs. She enjoys that a lot and also enjoys contributing to Music Rooms. Jessie is a freelance writer, a bartender, a guitarist, and someone who loves tarot cards and writing poetry. 

Derek Gorman

Derek Gorman was born in Detroit, Michigan, and developed a love for music at an early age. However, he became picky at finding excellent sound quality and knew how to adjust his headphones or speakers to do that. He used to advise his friends how to adapt their sound equipment to get the best musical experience. His father one day joked around and told Derek that he is a great salesman for audio equipment. Derek took that seriously and ran with it. 

That is because Derek became an audio equipment salesman. After finishing university, he landed his first job as a salesman for audio equipment. Derek has worked at various electronic equipment companies in sales specializing in audio equipment. He is also a worthwhile contributor to Music Rooms as he provides helpful reviews, tips, and advice on maximizing the best experience with using the equipment. Aside from that, Derek enjoys traveling, dining out, studying foreign culture, and loves spending time with his family. 

Ron Domino

Ron Hopkins is also known as Ron Domino, was born in Chicago, Illinois. He was born in an apartment complex where he had neighbors who played the drums, and he began joining right in when he was in grade school. Ron took drumming lessons during his youth, which included high school. He also had an interest in finances, and after college, he worked as a bank manager in downtown Chicago. 

However, Ron kept playing the drums during his spare time, and eventually, a local band recruited him as a drummer to play at pubs. Ron is a banker during the day and a drummer at night. He is thankful for having the opportunity to share his musical passion to Music Rooms through his contributions. Ron is also a very charitable person and donates his time to non-profit organizations.