What headphones does DJ Khaled wear?


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Some centuries ago, when the word headphones were mentioned, most people could only relate it to telecommunication companies or aviation agencies. In our world today, technological advancements have helped to bridge the gap and inadvertently correct that notion. In today’s world, headphones are now a basic feature of practically everybody’s life regardless of age, gender, and even geographical location. Adults make use of wireless headphones while jogging, noise-canceling headphones for flight and frequent travels, or plain headphones just for listening to music. Even kids are not left out as well as volume-limiting headphones were created and are readily available for a superb gaming or study experience. People from all spheres of life now make use of it in their daily activities. For sound engineers and music producers, it is an integral part of their equipment gear that aids their efficiency.

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It is not strange to see basketballers and footballers hanging headphones around their necks before or after a game. Celebrities, too, are always spotted with headphones that are, in most situations, wireless. One of such celebrities is DJ Khaled, a well-known hip-hop rapper, actor, and multi-billionaire who is also an excellent music producer with a Grammy Award to his credit. One can only imagine the quality of sound and price of the headphones which he wears.

A brief history of DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled is a Palestinian-American whose real names are Khaled Mohammed Khaled. He was born on the 26th of November in 1975, making him forty-five years old currently. He was born to Palestinian parents who came into the United States to have a better life. He’s one of the wealthiest rappers in America as he is currently worth seventy-five million dollars. He started as a radio host on a popular hip-hop station and gradually rose to the limelight when he became a DJ. He attracted even more fame when he collaborated with several music stars and even produced songs for them. He has to his name eleven studio albums and several hit singles. Being the versatile producer that he is, he’s very picky about his equipment gear which is an integral part of his studio. As expected, he owns a couple of headphones, but he’s usually seen with the Beats by Dre Mixr On-Ear headphones which have become some kind of signature piece on him.

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This particular headphone is also quite popular with other music stars but DJ Khaled flaunts it around the most as he’s also a big fan of Beats by Dre headphones. He only recently began to frequently use BeoPlay H6, which is produced by Bang & Olufsen. These chosen headphones can be seen on him at different intervals. Usually, when he’s producing songs, the BeoPlay H6 is his choice, while the Beats by Dre is used when he’s playing as a DJ.

Beats by Dre Mixr On-Ear headphones

These designs of headphones were created with DJs and sound enthusiasts in mind as they are very suitable for them. They are the loudest and lightest among other headphones of the same maker, and they have a deep bass quality that endears them to the hearts of DJs. Its well molded and crafted headband makes it quite sturdy and ideal for travel. Most of them have soft pads on the ears, thus making them wearable for an extended period. Although it is light in weight, it has proven to be able to withstand the rigors and tedious pace of DJ life. They are DJs favorites because they reproduce accurate sound, keep sounds from escaping through them, and can be heard even in noisy places like clubs and concert halls. Their sophisticated features put them on the high side economically, but they are worth every penny of the fortune spent on them. Their prices range from seventy dollars to a hundred and fifty depending on the design chosen and model.

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BeoPlay H6

These headphones are produced by Bang & Olufsen, and they are over-the-ear headphones stylishly built for comfort and efficiency. They are classy devices with a good sound quality system that strikes a balance between treble and bass levels. They are closed-back and effectively prevent sound spillage at every point in time. Their lightweight makes them quite mobile and very easy to handle and move around. The sound quality makes them ideal for song production and studio recording. DJ Khaled favors this particular headphone as he has made several appearances with it. Although it can also be used by DJs, it is not always their first choice. These headphones are also made with thick materials, which help to ensure their durability. They can be expensive too but are long-lasting and productive assets when acquired, even with a perfect fit accentuating the beauty of the wearer.

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Although DJ Khaled is one of the very numerous celebrities who use headphones, his love for them runs deep. He recently struck up a partnership with Danish company Bang & Olufsen to produce and market the second generation of their BeoPlay headphones. Although he has ceased to be the face of Beats by Dre headphones, he still wears them, especially when playing at music shows. It is a common sight in his studio to see them sitting alongside all other equipment gear or hanging on his neck. He even had them custom-made for him, which costs almost twice the regular price. Both headphones which he uses have an excellent sound quality and are the best of their kind. So when top-notch sound quality and efficiency are required, these headphones are perfect choices. Even in cases where the song quality seems flawed, one rests assured to get an improved and balanced listening experience with these headphones. Due to the high-performance levels on which they are produced, they are mostly wired and can also support two persons at the same time with the share-in feature that they have.