What headphones does DJ Jazzy Jeff wear? Full list of his equipment


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It is commonplace to see people from different geographical, socio-cultural, and physical backgrounds with headphones daily as their use has attained a widespread level with no restrictions on age, gender, or social class. The importance of headphones in today’s world cannot be over-emphasized as it has formed an integral part of the equipment gear of people in different sectors of life. One of such sectors greatly dependent on headphones, whose development and efficiency is based on headphones, is the music industry. A musical experience without involving headphones at any point in time is not regarded as a complete one. It is impossible to record songs in a studio without using headphones as they enhance sound quality and clarity, thus giving the producer an edge and a greater chance of professional delivery.

A music studio is also incomplete without a couple of headphones hanging in the recording booth or just sitting somewhere ever ready to be worn. Headphones are even more important for DJs and all those involved or concerned with disc jockeying. Disc jockeying is an art that involves playing, mixing, and blending various songs at different tempos and beats for the listening pleasure of the audience. A party or a concert doesn’t begin in the absence of a DJ making the role quite crucial in the music industry. In every DJs’ equipment gear, headphones are always found and are of great relevance. In the world of DJs, DJ Jazzy Jeff needs no introduction as he is one famous DJ whose musical contributions cannot be easily forgotten. DJ Jazzy Jeff is an American DJ and a music producer who has worked and produced notable acts in the music scene.

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A brief biography of DJ Jazzy Jeff

DJ Jazzy Jeff, whose real names are Jeffrey Allen Townes picked up an interest in music from a very young age. At the age of ten, he already had dreams of becoming a DJ. He would attend parties upon parties, and instead of dancing and having fun like most people his age, he would spend hours watching the DJ play. He teamed up with Will Smith while growing up to form a duo named DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. This duo went on to win a Grammy Award for the best rap song in 1989, bringing him into the limelight and putting him on a path of success. Over the years, his name has become very well known in the circle of DJs recognized in America. He is fifty-six years old and is worth about five million dollars. He also runs his music-producing company, which has enabled him work with many talented musicians and seasoned artistes.

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Due to his high taste of music and professionalism, he is usually versatile and dynamic when headphones and other equipment gear are concerned. However, he has been spotted severally using and wearing V-MODA Crossfade Wireless Over-ear headphones. He even went further in declaring his love for V-MODA headphones when he made a post about it on Facebook. He also favors the V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Over-ear headphones, which made them quite popular among other DJs being that a DJ of his standard speaks highly and even uses them.

Full list of DJ Jazzy Jeff equipment gear

Usually, his equipment gear changes from time to time and are actually in most times not limited; the following devices are what he usually performs with;

V-MODA Crossfade Wireless Over-ear headphones

DJ Jazzy Jeff is usually never spotted without these headphones, especially when he’s playing, and they can easily be called his favorites. These headphones are excellent choices, primarily because of the world-class features they have. There are no more worries about cables tangling as they are wireless fitted with Bluetooth technology, making the experience even better. The Bluetooth in them still holds a connection to the source even when they are meters apart and can pair two devices simultaneously. These headphones still retain the usual V-Moda design style and its lightweight. With a battery time of 12 hours of music, a special analog feature, a steel and flexible body suited to the rigors of DJ life, and pure sound levels that balance both treble and bass, it is the next thing to a DJ’s best friend.

V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Wired Over-ear headphones

These designs of headphones are created to be worn comfortably for a long time and are usually used for long recording sessions. They are wired, thus being more than capable of producing sounds of high quality and good clarity. They are pretty expensive but are great assets when acquired.

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Serato DJ

This is the software which he usually plays with. It’s a very high upgrade from the Serato Scratch Live, and it offers stability and a great deal of quality as it supports high-performance mixers.

Pioneer DDJ-SP1

This is a compact controller for the Serato DJ, which allows the numerous features of the Serato DJ to be utilized with ease. These features include several samples, cues, loops, and effects.

Pioneer DJM S9 Serato DJ mixers

Pioneer mixers have always been known to be of very high quality and standards, and these particular mixers live up to their name. They have a perfect scratch layout, high-quality faders and can allow manipulation of some aspects of the Serato DJ software straight from the mixers.


These devices used by DJ Jazzy Jeff are of really high quality, further strengthening his desire and resolution to constantly offer professionalism, creativity, and perfection. This gear is no doubt very expensive but with a promise of efficient delivery and result. DJ Jazzy Jeff remains one of the best DJs alive and a sure force to reckon with when disc jockeying is concerned, which explains his use of top-notch sound pieces of equipment.

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