10 Simple Home Hacks to Make Headphones Last Much Longer


You just bought headphones and want to have them sounding and looking like a new one always. Perhaps you have a pair that can utilize a boost in the treble departments or the bass. Or maybe you own great earphones; however, you are not taking the right cleaning process. Whatever be the case, this article will expound on the simple home hacks that will make your headphones last longer. The below tips will guide you on how to have the most from your headphones.

10 Simple Home Hacks to Make Headphones Last Much Longer

Keep Them Clean

The outside surrounding where you utilize your headphones, plus the ears’ inner surrounding, has dirt that can get their journey to your headphones’ moving parts and affect the sound quality. Endeavor to clean them thoroughly before they build up and lead to damages.

Wipe After Each Use

The headphones are mostly exposed to sweat, moisture, and dust; thus, it’s essential to wipe your earpads clean using a smooth cloth with hand sanitizer and alcohol after each use. You can often use cotton buds to get into the crevices and folds while soaking the earbud sleeves in soapy water that’s warm for just five minutes. See the Reasons Why you Should Install Your Own Car Stereo System .

Do not Permit Others Use your Earphones

The headphones exchange can cause an ear infection to anybody. Also, it’s obvious that others won’t be careful when using your headphones. Even though it seems good to share the earphones, it’s vital to say no and stay on the better or safe side.

Remember the Jack

The jack’s contact point could accumulate lint and dirt. It leads to diverse issues such as static, sound warping, one-sided headphones work, or loss of connection. A better way you should clean the headphone jack is by using compressed gas dusters. This can offer a small blast that would dislodge whatever dirt and lint that nestle inside.

Mind the Cable

Several users don’t really mind the headphone cords. The cable is a vital part of the headphone. It is also easily damaged. Thus, you should protect and take great care of your cable. You should not put the cable directly inside the pocket. Your cramped space does compress the cable and mounts pressure on the internal wires.

Do not Dangle the Wires

Any type of extensive bending of the headphone wires can cause earlier deterioration. The area where your wire bends at 90 degrees when it dangles can snap, particularly when it’s pressed by chairs or your elbow.

Leaving the cable in the tangled heap weakens and bends inside tiny wires. Untangling the cable wires will need pulling your knots apart; this can make the wires snap.

Store Properly

Headphones are not made to be kept or stored in backpacks, pockets, or bags, where they could get bent or crushed when mixed with other stuff. Assigned storage makes them be in great shape. Like other gadgets, storing your headphones properly will make it last longer.

Purchase the Proper Headphone Case

Headphone cases feature diverse sizes, so you shouldn’t pick anyone without properly checking if it’s okay. A too-large case can cause headphones to shake even when you are on the move. If it’s too small, it can crush the pads, wires, and drivers with bad results. The right and proper headphone case should not be too tight or too loose.

Often Replace Headphone Pads

Headphone pads impact more than your aesthetic, and equally, the sound quality and comfortability of the headphones. Headphone pads soak up moisture from humidity or sweat over time. This makes the pads become brittle and crack or peel off later. Certain pads rot if neglected for some period.

If it happens, it’s period to leave them for replacement. The same thing goes in your earphone sleeves that deform for some time and even lose the nerve to block some ambient sounds.

Avoid Moisture

Generally, moistures can corrode your headphone’s outer layer. At the same time, sweats stain your ear pads. When your headphones become soaked, quickly pour alcohol on the drenched headphones and then wait small hours to dry. To prevent moisture from any weather condition, add silica gel desiccant on the place you store the headphones for the moisture to be absorbed.

Buy Durable Headphones

It’s a great choice to invest in or buy models that might be costly but are designed to last longer. Not all costly headphones are durable, but you have to spend extra money to get quality headphones that will last longer. Significantly, it’s always safe to find established brands with reputations for durability, performance, and innovation.

However, if you aren’t particular about brands, it’s better to rest your choice on headphones with longer and stronger cabling, attractive warranty, and sturdy connections.

Finally, you have to protect the headphone’s weak points. Headphones work via a set of connections such as earbud, the plug, in-line splitter, and volume slider. They are the weak point that can be simply caused by a careless tug. See the Ways to Straighten out Headphones Cables Easily


It’s always great to quickly recognize an issue with your headphones and avoid any disruption frustration that could happen. You will be now more conscious of your headphones, especially moistures. Take the headphones volume easy and set aside a short time to clean the headphones thoroughly. Also, don’t cram your headphones in the pocket or store them or keep it in a tight loop.

Now you are aware of how to rightly take care of the headphones and ensure they have their best sound. However, nothing is more vital than ensuring you have a great pair of headphones, to begin with.

It is vital to reiterate that Headphones last longer if you utilized effort and time to provide the care they need. The rule also can be applied to cheap headphones that can last ages with the right maintenance.

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