How to Choose Headphones for Travel – Tips to Consider


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Traveling can be a wonderful experience as it allows us to visit new places and meet new people. Traveling by air also can be quite a fun thing if the right circumstances and preparations are paid adequate attention to.

Over the years, headphones have proven to be a useful feature of every traveler’s bag. This is because of the numerous benefits it provides in the travel experience. Regular flyers would attest to the great importance of headphones on flights as cabin noise, and engine sounds can be distracting and disturbing. So one can sit in comfort on a plane and listen to podcasts or songs and not be distracted while using headphones. However, in choosing headphones for traveling, several things should be taken into considerations. The right choice of headphones can save a traveler lots of troubles and worries. It would also help save money and provide value for money used to purchase it.

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Tips to Consider When Choosing Headphones For Travel

Choosing headphones suitable for travel should be a meticulous exercise as it dramatically affects our travel experience. So while packing other essentials, careful attention should be paid to the selection of headphones. We have various kinds of headphones to pick from, ranging from noise-canceling headphones and noise isolating headphones to wireless headphones and closed-back headphones. The following are areas of concentration when choosing travel headphones is concerned and a few tips to pay attention to:

Comfort and cost

This is very important when considering headphones, as comfort is essential to one’s state of mind. Considering the number of hours that will be spent in service, being uncomfortable isn’t an option. It is thus advisable to go for headphones that are light and comfortable. One should be able to sleep with them and wake up without feeling pains or itches. Most times, to guarantee maximum comfort, other variations of headphones like earbuds and earphones are also advisable for travel. Although headphones can be quite expensive, one should note quality ones that are worth the price and buy those with a warranty. This is because buying headphones every time one intends to travel, especially for regular flyers, can be an unnecessary expenditure. So when deciding to buy a particular headphone, a short and simple test should be carried out to reconcile its worth and price.

Noise cancellation

It’s no longer news that airplanes are noise-producing vehicles as the sounds from both the engines and cabins can be really distracting. Imagine boarding a flight where you have to work or even read; all your efforts would be futile without noise-canceling headphones. In choosing headphones, consider those that have noise-canceling feature as this can help increase concentration and focus. So if you intend to tune out other sounds and have a great sound experience, noise-canceling headphones are hugely recommended. Noise cancellation is achieved in headphones by either soundproofing or active noise control. In going for noise-canceling headphones, battery life and source of power should be considered as a pair that would last long would serve better for long-distance flights and travel. There are several noise-canceling headphones that work effectively and can be trusted to serve efficiently.

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Style and design

In picking travel headphones, style and design is important because it determines the level of satisfaction one derives from them. Various designs of headphones exist and serve in different ways. For people who place great importance on sound quality and their privacy, closed-back headphones are ideal because it traps the sound within the device. If one plans to tune out the world and surrounding sounds totally, it’s also the best choice. Open-back headphones allow little sounds escape and are ideal for serene environments which might not really exist on a plane or during a flight.

Most closed-back headphones have inbuilt noise cancellation devices, so they are highly advisable for long flights and trips. While design and style are being considered, comfortability should also be placed side by side for a great travel story as everything fits into place gradually.

Wireless or wired

Traveling involves a lot of movement both of the hands and legs. Putting this in view, wireless headphones are highly advisable as they provide a sort of freedom to the traveler; this is because one is not concerned with the position or location of the devices to which our headphones are connected at every point in time. These wireless headphones use Bluetooth technology and provide ease of movement and positional changes. For someone concerned with sound quality, wired headphones are more efficient as they have higher sound quality. It is also easy for wires to get tangled, so these headphones can be a burden for travelers.

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One discomforting situation for travelers is having to pull and struggle with several bags and luggage as it can be really tiresome. In as much as we pack light and simple, we should also choose headphones that are portable and easy to handle. In this case, wireless headphones should be considered as they are usually light and almost weightless. Earbuds, too which can be foldable, should also be taken note of.


This should be a primary concern for travelers as a long-lasting headphone can be very helpful, especially for frequent travelers. It’s quite unwise economically to keep buying headphones when preparing for every trip as they can be expensive. Choosing durable headphones will involve checking material strength, thickness, and quality.


As exciting as traveling is regarded, it still involves some thinking and careful calculations when headphones are needed. But while putting these factors in thought, one should also bear in mind that comfort is necessary, and this should also reflect in choice. But whether it’s a flight trip or even a bus journey, your headphones can help make the experience a worthwhile one.