How to Clean Your Headphones


You have cleaned your keyboard, phone, and mouse, but have you clean your headphones? Cleaning your ear wax plus disinfecting the headphones is great for hygiene; it improves the quality of your sound. Against this, this article will examine how to clean your headphones while laying little emphasis on why you should clean your headphones.

Why should you Clean Your Headphones?

You should regularly clean your headphones for maintenance and hygiene reasons, especially if you utilize your headphones during exercise. Sweat could make-up and have the ear cups smell awful. There is dirt you won’t see like microbes that may cause you sickness. The clean headphone is more like a sanitary. What’s more, if you shift your headphones at the gym, you could transfer things you lay your hands to them.

Findings have proved that headphones improve bacterias’ growth inside the ears, and this could be transferred from a person to others when the headphones are distributed. Even when you do not share yours, ponder what and where your earphones have touched and wonder if you can put it in your ear again. Cleaning your headphones and earbuds will aid in reducing the above risks. See thebenefits of high quality headphones .

How to Clean Your Headphones

The First Step

The major essential procedure in cleaning headphones is to remove them from the device to they are connected. There might be a big risk of breakage or electric shock when you don’t remove your headphones before cleaning or cleaning when in use. You don’t wish to get struck by an electric shock when cleaning the headphones; thus, check out for naked wires as a precautionary move.

The Second Step

The next thing is to have the mandatory things needed for the headphones cleaning after unplugging the headphones from the device. Some of the main requirements are; Warm water, Dishwashing liquid, soft cloth, spray bottle. Once you get all these, you are set for your headphones cleaning. Ensure your headphone is really unplugged before you begin the cleaning.

The Third Step

The third step is to take a drop of washing liquid and add it using warm water. To ensure that the water mixture is proper, stir it well with your finger or a spoon. The formed mixture would be poured into the bottle spray. After this, you are now set to begin your cleaning. Ensure to put the headphones on a clear surface.

The cleaning solution in your bottle spray would be sprayed on the cloth surface you have. Your cleaning cloth, which should be damped, is to be rubbed on your headphones. Because of the wet cloth, which you should avoid, the water might move to the headphones’ parts where it isn’t supposed to move. It might damage your headphone quality sound, and you might not utilize them for a longer time.

Certainly, there would be dirt on the headphones; thus, no harm in putting small pressure when cleaning the dirt. Without adding pressure, the dirty spots won’t be rightly cleansed. Ensure you don’t break your headphones when applying the pressure. You can use a small rubbing alcohol to reach the dirty spots, but do so only where it’s necessary since excessive use of it could create damages to your headphone.

The Fourth Step

Finally, wipe off the liquid from your headphones using a tissue or dry cloth. Ensure to dry your headphones quickly after cleaning since leaving the headphones wet could make their color go away.

In concluding this section, it is vital to add that the entire cleaning activity will take about thirty minutes, which is valuable. Just like several other things at your home, headphones do get dirty over time. Hence, it is essential to clean the headphones regularly. See theWays to Straighten out Headphones Cables Easily.

Cleaning Headphones Requirements

  • You will need a Towel or even paper towels.
  • You should use a Toothbrush.
  • You will make use of Tweezers.
  • Also, you will use rubbing alcohol that should be higher than 63 percent.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide or Diluted bleach should be available.
  • Presence of Hand soap, gloves, and Goggles.


  • Do not store or use the headphones in cold or hot surroundings. Doing this can reduce the headphones lifespan.
  • Car trunks and Saunas are not nice for headphones, particularly if the headphone comes with a battery.
  • Further, do not store the headphones long-term when in a humid or wet surrounding, even when the headphones are water-resistant.
  • When you power the headphones, you shouldn’t leave the battery compartment or charge port open while storing them.
  • Even when the headphones aren’t getting wet, not closing the port can bring dust and dirt.
  • Do not bunch your cable or put it around the device when still plugged. When you wrap the headphones in the phone when they are plugged, it makes the cable bend where it gets to the end of the plug.
  • Ensure you keep the ears clean. Apart from ensuring the headphones are clean, endeavor to keep the ears clean for an ideal listening experience. Ear wax is an oil made by the canal of the ear to guide the ear from outside particles. If the canal of your ear creates more oil than required, it’s then when the ear wax expands.

Buying a new pair of costly headphones can feel great. They sound perfect, and everything feels green, neat, and prepared to go. 

If you’re like me that cherish wearing headphones a lot, you wear your headphones at the office, to the gym, around the home and more. But have you ever stop and think about just how dirty your headphones can become in that process. 

Give it a thought. You take a shower and wash your clothes after an exercise, but when’s the last period you can recall cleaning your headphones after an activity? Probability are, you haven’t.

This implies that your headphones are a hunting basis for bacteria, ear wax, and all-around stank. 

In this article, we’re going to conk out the exact way to clean headphones from several brands and styles, so let’s begin.

How to Clean Earphones

Cleaning the driver unit

The driver unit is the place where the sound is produced and more grandly the portion of the earphones that is set into the ears.

Carry your earphones with the mesh aspect facing downwards. Obtaining a dry, soft toothbrush preferably on old toothbrush or a children’s toothbrush, scrub the wire mesh gently to eliminate any silt or clogged ear wax. Stroke the non-mesh side or logo side of the earbuds to help blow some of the clutter off.

Using a bent paperclip and little blu-tack, go over the wire net and wipe out the residing dirt and dust. The blu-tack will pick up all the undesirable materials and leave your mesh dirty and dust free.

Dampen a small cloth with rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer and do a fast clean over the metallic part as well as the wires.

How To Clean Apple Earphones and Headphones

According to Apple company, you should never take advantage of any liquid to clean your apple AirPods or other apple headphones. The liquid can destroy the headphones, so rather, make use of a soft, waterless lint free cloth. 

Scrub down the headphones, and seize time to get into any tiny holes too. If you have a carve up of ear wax, don’t employ anything harsh to fetch it out. Rather, use something like blue-tack to get the earwax away.

If you possess a pair of apple headphones that come with detachable ear tips, you can remove the ear tips off of the headphones, and rinse them in water, but don’t employ any soaps or other home cleaners. Be sure the ear tops are fully dry before restoring them. 

How To Clean Bose Earphones and Headphones

When it gets to Bose headphones, you have a trivial more independence. According to the Bose website, you can utilize a faded cloth moistened with dish detergent and water to clean the outside of the ear cups for over-ear Bose headphones. 

For in-ear Bose headphones, you can put up with a cotton swab and drop it in a small quantity of scraping alcohol and clean the exterior of the headphones, simply be cautious no liquid moves inside.

If you possess a wax build-up in the driver unit, utilise blue pin to eliminate it. 

To intensely clean the mesh screen of bose headphone follow these steps

Extract out the tips from the earbuds gently.

Add a slight quantity of hydrogen peroxide utmost concentration, 3% to the screen surface of the earbud utilizing a fluffy cloth or tissue be cautious not to enable surplus liquid to enter the empty port on the earbud.

Allow the earbuds sit for about 5 minutes to enable the wax to become soft.

Moist a soft-bristled used toothbrush with hydrogen peroxide utmost concentration, 3% and easily wipe the mesh screen to loosen and eliminate the wax without permitting extra hydrogen peroxide to penetrate into the empty port on the earbud

After the mesh surface is neatly cleaned, tenderly shake out any extra liquid and residue, and dry the earbud with a smooth cloth. Re-fix the earbuds.

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How To Clean Over Ear Style Headphones

If you don’t have any of the categories detailed above, the subsequent instructions are generic sufficiently to be used on all types of over-ear style headphones. 

Initial, take a dry cloth and scrub down the headphones to eliminate any easy dirt, oil, skin, etc. 

Furthermore, moisten the cloth lightly with soft soapy water and cautiously clean the headphones, being meticulous not to put any liquid inside the headphones, or around the cords afterward, rinse with another damp handkerchief, without any soap put in.

If your earpads can be detached, do so and scrub those individually in warm soapy water and rinse after. 

Dry up the headphones as vast as you can and allow them air-dry overnight. If you took your earpads off, don’t set them back on till they’re completely dried.

How To Clean In-Ear Headphones

If you keep a pair of off-brand in-ear style headphones, the subsequent teachings are inclusive adequately to be utilized to tidy them up.

Initially, scrub the headphones down with a waterless cloth to eliminate as much clutter as you can. 

Next, put a cotton swab into a slight amount of alcohol and utilize it to rinse the outside of the headphones. 

If you have detachable rubber ear inserts, you should rinse those individually, in a bath of warm soapy liquid. Be sure you rinse them entirely after. 

For in-ear headphones without detachable rubber tips, use something like blue-tack to tidy up the drivers. Prevent utilizing anything harsh. It won’t eliminate all of the build-up, and you’ll most probable destroy your headphones during the process. 


Keeping your things clean is a nice habit. The headphones are a precious product; thus, ensure to keep it secured and in the right working condition. In another vein, headphone cases are in the market that you can utilize in securing your headphones. Putting your headphones in cases will make them not be exposed to the harsh surrounding when not in use.

In other words, they won’t be exposed to germs and dust and would be secured automatically. Regular headphones cleaning will make and keep them clean; it will also permit you to get maximum results. Generally, this will elongate more your headphone life span and even save costs. See theReasons Why you Should Install Your Own Car Stereo System ‘.

Conserving your headphones clean isn’t something we often worry about, but it’s something everyone should perform occasionally. 

If you possess a famous category of headphones like Apple, Bose, make use of the instructions that come from the producer.

Contrarily, tidy up making use of warm soapy water or abrasion alcohol. Headphones are slightly complicated as they comprise more sensitive portions like the leather or foam ear pads that can rip easily. So unless you wish to go on Amazon to order yourself some fresh ear pads, begin gently.

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