Headphones Crackling/ Popping – What is it and How Can You Fix it?


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A nice headphone provides you with clear audio and phone calls. Nonetheless, even if you purchase a high-end headphone with quality characteristics, it can become prone to generate inactive noises and crackling sounds. As an outcome, you become distracted or even compelled to plug the AUX cord out or stop the phone call. 

When you observe crackling in your headphones, the main vital thing is the withdrawal of the dilemma, which can be resulted in the signal chain at any point for example, it can be a difficulty in the earpiece, in the mic, or some type of interference from extra devices. It is difficult to track down the problems and likewise, it can be very discouraging. 

When you listen to crackling sounds in your headphones, you become upset. It is also disturbing and can be dangerous counting on the severity or consistency of the crackling sound. There are several reasons for crackling in the headphones. It is essential to examine all probable causes for headphones crackling before they provoke additional damage to the device. Numerous users have recounted the case of crackling sound on their headphones while playing on the PS4 Console.

Before notifying you on how to stop headphones from crackling, let us briefly discuss about the likely causes. Read on! 

Loose Wires

Usually, headphones possess thin or fine layers of rubber, which enclose thin conductive wires. These wires permit sending and receiving electronic indications from the speakers. When the rubber casing around these wires are untied, bent, or disconnected, the wires attempting to send electronic signals can result in crackling sound or disturbance in the headphones. 

AUX Port Issues

An impaired AUX port can also result in crackling headphones. You can examine the AUX ports on several devices to deduce the continuation of the crackling. In addition, you are expected to guarantee that the AUX cord and port are totally plugged in. When your headphones are not appropriately plugged in, it can crackle as a result of a bad electrical connection. 

Broken Speakers

The abundant and popular reasons for  broken speakers are long period wear and tear, hearing music or any different media on extremely increased volumes, poor wiring, and common physical damage. 

Poor Equalizer

Cracking in your headphone may also occur from terrible or low equalizer settings. If specific treble or bass settings are form too high, then the volume can max out resulting in whacking and crackling noises. This can damage the speakers of your headphones.

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Stop Headphones Crackling – Solutions

There are lots of ways to rectify the problem of crackling in the headphones. Some of the nicest solutions to unravel this problem are:

Disconnect and Reconnect the headphones

If you are making use of Bluetooth or wireless headphones, the problem may due to interference. You can assess this by shifting the device or computer and headphones to somewhere else. 

Once verified that the problem clearly is caused by interference, it is vital to shift the device, which is resulting in the interference. Additional thing you can work out is to use a wired headphone. Furthermore, you can similarly reset your Bluetooth or wireless headphones, alter the channels, and shift the base away from the device or computer. This may likewise figure out the issue. 

Check the Persistence of the Issue

You can achieve this by plugging the headphones into some other smartphone, computer or any other appliance in order to discern the continuation of the crackling issue. If you are still listening to the noise, the issue is possible a loose wire in your headphone or cord. If the crackling happens only when you talk in the mic, and your callers are also hearing the static as well, then there is no dilemma with the headphones. The difficulty is with the mic. 

How to rectify this? Well, you can bend the wire or cord at the plug as well as at the headphone while shifting the microphone to deduce if you can discover the detached connection. When you have found it, you can curve the wire and tape it down at the flexible connection level. This will stop crackling temporarily for the mean time until you re-soldered the connection or reinstate the headphones. 

Plug another headphone into the device

You can plug a new headphone into the computer or appliance. If you still listen to the crackling noise, the reason may be actually severe. For example, it may be as a result of worn or cracked jack or the problem may be with the sound card of your computer. 

So, how to work out this problem. Well, the solution is very simple. Pick a cotton swab and then clean the jack using it in a thoughtful way. Following, snip off one end to get a tiny quantity of the cotton. You can plunge it in a slight quantity of alcohol and rub the jack. After performing this, the jack is clean. Allow it dry. Inspect your computer’s sound card and be certain it is appropriately seated. 

Turning Down the volume of the device

Another remedy to fix the problem of crackling is to reduce the volume on your appliance or computer. If you notice there is no problem, then the real dilemma is due to loudness. In easy terms, your headphones can’t deal with the loudness. 

Furthermore, this difficulty may also be because of the amplifier of the device , for sample, the amplifier does not remember sufficient capacity to drive the headphones. On a desktop computer, you can experiment your headphones with a varied sound card. For this, you require an outer amplifier so that the exact quantity of power is stocked to be able to drive the headphones.


Headphones are crucial for computer or mobile phone users. They are even more essential for people who like to listen to music‘ on appliances such as MP3 Players. 

Headphone lovers usually don’t purchase inexpensive and poor quality devices. They frequently purchase costly and high-quality headphones. Nonetheless, even after purchasing a costly piece, occasionally, it is actually disturbing when you don’t listen to a smooth sound. You certainly think what is this difficulty, even with your new headphones. 

Clearly put, the issue may not be with your headphones and the crackling sound may be because of your sound card, driver issue, etc. In this article, we have provided you the probable reasons of crackling noise in your headphones.

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