7 Best Budget Record Players in 2021

Best Budget Record Players Review

Wouldn’t it be great to listen to music that makes you feel like you’re watching a live concert? Oftentimes, the music we stream or the ones we download on our devices are already compressed to make it easy to access. For some people, listening to music through this means is already convenient and okay. But no two humans are the same. We all have different likes, choices as well as preferences. Therefore, for some people who make the most out of every music they listen to, the compressed files often do not suit them. For such people, a record player is a good choice. With a record player, you get to listen to music that’s different from other sources. A record player allows you to listen to music that isn’t compressed. You get to enjoy every beat, tune and all that the music encompasses. A record player is just as similar to being in a live show. Using your unique faculty of imagination, imagine listening to your favourite music using a record player. What are the feelings you are getting? Isn’t it great and exceptional? It’s such a big deal when one listens to music using a record player. The warm and suiting sound it brings is enough to make you listen all day. Record players are like artworks that beautify your home but at the same time delivers music to you at its best. To listen to your favourite vintage music, a record player might be the only means. True, there are innumerable online streaming services for audio today but, not all songs are in digital form therefore, a record player might be the way out particularly when you want to listen to songs that are from the 30s. If you love saving records when you were small you presumably have a lot right now. Rather than searching for those songs again either to stream or get a CD, you can simply get a record player to enjoy those records. If you have to replace your record player, then you probably already know the significance since you once had one. But if you are just planning on getting one, you’ve made a good decision. Now that you know the importance of record players, take a little time to read this article more to find the best record players that will suit your budget.

The 7 Best Budget Record Players Are Reviewed Below

The nostalgic feeling isn’t what you can get by listening to downloaded music or CDs. The only way to get such a feeling is through a record player. Anywhere a record player is being played it magically draws attention. One of the many things we do today is listening to downloaded music while doing other things or streaming music online while doing some house chores but it’s quite different in the case of a record player. A record player has the potential to make you stick to a chair as you slowly dive into warm music with a great quality sound. It’s such a pleasure that plays a great impact on the human mind and body. Indeed, record players are quite a great asset. Enjoy standard live-like songs using record players. Below are the best budget record players. Let’s note some of the many.

Sony PS-LX310BT

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Evo

Audio-Technica fully automatic


Sony PS-LX310BT

The automatic Sony record player is one of the best. If you prefer a record player that can also be connected to other devices through the use of Bluetooth, this is the right choice. It not only supports wireless connection but also wired connection which means you can connect it to your devices using a USB cable. It is designed with a thick cover that can protect dust. You can choose to lift the cover or not. It is so easy to operate. It requires no special skills. It has 3 different audio settings. You can choose from these 3, the type that best suits the music you’re listening to. The aluminium platter is lightweight and as it rotates for playback, it doesn’t shake such that it causes any sort of vibration and yet produces a clear sound. Imagine being able to hear such quality, warm and very clear sound using a headphone or a speaker. The Bluetooth connection is indeed a great feature on its part.

Key Features:

  • Wireless and wired connection
  • Quality sound
  • Auto playback
  • Thick dust cover
  • Light aluminium platter


  • Brand: Sony
  • Model: PSLX310BT
  • Easy to operate
  • Supports USB connection
  • It can be connected to wireless devices or any Bluetooth device
  • 3 different settings to enjoy audio
  • None


Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Evo

Here’s another record player you want to check. It has upgraded features that allow you to enjoy your favourite songs to the full. No vibrations but clean and plain melodic sound. With the 3 adaptable metal feet, the record player will sit firmly. Inside the platter is a thermoplastic elastomer ring that allows the player to work without creating any noisy sound. You can easily change the speed at which a song is playing by pressing the button situated at the bottom. Its performance is outstanding and excellent. Indeed, it’s worth the money.

Key Features:

  • Dust cover
  • Stable and light-weight tonearm
  • 3 adjustable metal feet
  • Speed control
  • Quiet operation


  • Brand: Pro-Ject Audio Systems
  • Model: Debut Carbon EVO
  • No vibrations
  • Comes with a cover that protects dust
  • The 3 feet allows it to sit firm and stable
  • The speed can be adjusted


Audio-Technica fully automatic

This automatic player provides you with an outstanding experience. You can listen to songs and enjoy a good time without any sort of vibration that may cause a disturbance. The tonearm is straight and stable. It comes with a removable dust cover. The cartridge can be upgraded for better quality sound. You can simply start or end a song by pressing the buttons in front. The speed can also be adjusted. Audio-Technica is affordable as well as efficient accompanied with a good performance. It is one of the record players you can note getting.

Key Features:

  • Automatic performance
  • Stabilized and straight tonearm
  • Quality sound
  • Control buttons
  • Anti-vibration
  • Dust cover


  • Brand: audio-Technica
  • Model- AT-LP3 BK
  • Comes with a damping mat
  • Clear and plain sound
  • Control buttons
  • None


REGA-planar 1

The REGA-planar 1 is a high-performance record player accompanied by a sleek appearance that adds some life to anywhere it’s placed. It requires no necessary skills when setting it up. Another outstanding feature is the tonearm. It is firm and easy to move. It makes no noise when in use. With REGA, you can enjoy a quality sound. As you listen to your favourite songs, you can enjoy the moment to the full and make the best out of it. This is one of the best record players you want to go for. It’s worth the money.

Key Features:

  • Superior quality sound
  • Easy assembling
  • Firm tonearm
  • No noise
  • Dust cover


  • Brand: REGA
  • Model: Planar 1
  • Delivers songs without any distortions
  • Easy to operate
  • Superior and quality performance
  • Sleek look
  • No phono preamp


Fluance RT81

The Fluance record player produces one of the best clean and quality sound. The captivating sound might tempt you to sit all day as you listen to your favourite songs. It makes no noise that could affect the music. This allows you to enjoy every bit and part of a music piece without distortions. The dust cover is no exemption. You can decide to leave it open or not as you listen to music. And with the sleek look, adds more style and beauty to a room. With the perfect quality needle, it delivers songs to you that you won’t stop listening to. As you listen to the clear sound that it produces, you can relate to being in a live performance. It sounds so real.

Key Features:

  • Dust cover
  • Quality Stylus
  • Clear quality sound
  • Precise playback
  • Versatile


  • Brand: Fluance
  • Model: RT81
  • Sleek look that adds beauty to a room
  • High performance
  • No distortions
  • Plays different types of records
  • None


U-Turn Orbit Plus

Enjoy quality sound with the U-Turn orbit plus. Yes, it’s got the look but, it’s not only the look but also the various features it encompasses. As it works it makes no noise allowing you to enjoy your music to the full. For any song, you love listening to, use the Orbit plus to play it. It delivers different types of music at its best. It makes music sound so real. It comes with an adjustment counterweight as well as an anti-skate.

Key Features:

  • Dust cover
  • Playback
  • Speed consistency
  • Adjustable counterweight
  • Anti-skate


  • Brand: U-Turn Audio
  • Model: FBA_100AOR5-P
  • Makes no noise
  • Perfect for playing different types of songs.
  • Easy to operate
  • Produces quality sound
  • None


Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB-BK fully manual

Here’s another Audio-Technica record player but it’s fully manual. It comes with an anti-skate as well as a USB output. You can convert your records to audio files (digital). It also comes with a dust cover that you can choose to remove. Enjoy quality sound as you listen to music. It is one of the best you should note getting.

Key Features:

  • Fully manual
  • Anti-skate
  • USB output
  • Dust cover
  • Counterweight


  • Brand: Audio-Technica
  • Model: AT-LP120XUSB-BK
  • You can convert your records to digital audio files
  • It has a start-stop button.
  • The platter is a die-cast aluminium material
  • Comes with a phono preamp
  • None

Buying Guide Questions

There are numerous record players out there. Of.course, they aren’t the same neither do they have the same effectiveness nor equal performance. You see records getting damaged because of a bad record player which asserts more importance in carefully selecting the right type. No, it isn’t hard nor impossible to find the right type but, of course, you need to devote a little time to select the best. This article is designed to help you choose the best record player that’ll give you the best listening experience. Above are numerous ones to choose from and below are answers to questions that you make be curious about when wanting to choose a record player. Take your time to dive through.

Is it worth buying a record player?

Music plays different important roles in human life. Music is accompanied by numerous benefits that can positively affect our lives. For some people, when they feel down, listening to is like a mood lifter. I feel calm and relaxed when I listen to music. People that are challenged mentally can also benefit from music. Sometimes we get to understand ourselves when we listen to music. I can testify to the important effects of music. When I’m feeling anxious, music has a great help that makes me relaxed. People with depression can as well benefit from the impact of music. When some music comes up, we want to dance to the rhythm. It’s just so hard for me to turn down the urge to dance when a piece of music has an interesting and detailed beat. And since dancing also isn’t an exception when it comes to positive impact. You would agree that the benefits of music cannot be underrated. However, what would it feel like to listen to music that makes you feel you are present in a live performance? A record player can help you achieve such a feeling. The impressive quality sound that a record player delivers makes music more enjoyable. As you turn on the record player, stick to a sit with a glass of juice, you find yourself listening to quality music that lifts you. Of not for music, record players are another form of decoration. Place a record player in a space in the house and see how it add beauty to the room. Over the years, it has been a good means for a family to come together and spend time together. Do you feel you need some things more to entertain your visitors? Then make use of a record player. I’ve seen people collecting records over the years and the record player is the way out for them to enjoy these favourite long time songs. In the world today, we often get tired, stressed up after a long day of work. Life can be tough sometimes. But, listening to quality songs on the record player let you take a break, relax and feel calm. It can lighten your mood. Do you still wonder if a record player is worth buying? This article has examined the best budget record players above. Simply scroll to see and select your choice.

Are cheap record players bad?

Cheap record players can sometimes be good and can be bad too. There are cheap record players out there that works just like the expensive likes. On the other hand, are also cheap record players that aren’t good. They could even be damaging to your records. Let’s first note the bad sides of cheap record players.

  • Most cheap record players don’t come with a counterweight. What’s the function of the counterweight? You may wonder. The counterweight is designed to help keep the record safe. It helps maintain the balance of the tonearm such that the tonearm’s weight and that of the cartridge do not relax on the record.
  • Some cheap records do not have an anti-skate that assist the needle to steer the middle of the groove which in turn magnifies sound and minimize any form of damage that can happen to the record.
  • How do record players produce sound? The vibrations that the needle also called the stylus makes as it steers the groove on the record is magnified. A cheap record player with built-in speakers often does no good to records. Most times, the sound it produces is nowhere close to pleasing or enjoyable. It can cause damages to records.

Cheap turntables in fact, often have platters that are undersized which may damage records and wrong needle size. But, on the other hand, there are cheap record players that work just like the expensive ones. But of course, the expensive ones have an Upper hand. Cheap record players do not often last as long as the expensive likes.

Is Crosley better than Victrola?

Just as Crosley is a well-known brand, so also is Victrola. However, people are often caught between the two. Both brands make standard record players that produce quality sound. They both deliver great performance. When it comes to features, they have similar features. So if you try to rate one as the best using the features, you’ll arrive at a draw. Victrola has been in existence for about 10 decades. They’ve been able to make different types of standard products at differing prices making it easy to select a product that’ll match your budget. Though they are well known for the retro and classic design, they have made products that perfectly fit in modern days. Although Crosley hasn’t been in existence for as long as 10 decades like victrola, they’ve been able to make real achievements. Crosley has been in existence for about more than 3 decades. But during the early 90s, they started making record players.

  • In terms of mobility, they are both mobile. Their portable design makes it possible to carry them along.
  • Neither Crosley nor Victrola requires external speakers since they are designed with built-in speakers
  • The Bluetooth function can turn the record players into a wireless speaker in few seconds. Simply connect your device to the record players through Bluetooth and enjoy the music.
  • Crosley and victrola both come with an output. So, if you have a stereo or a speaker, you can connect it to the players for magnified quality sound.
  • They both stop automatically after playing a record.
  • You can connect your headphones to the record Players thanks to the output.
  • From the various colours designs, you get to choose the one that suits your style.
  • From the 3 different speeds, choose the one that suits the music you’re listening to.

Out of the many similarities, is the easy operation. They both do not require any special skills. So easy to operate. Of course, they both have their bad sides.

What should I look for when buying a record player?

For the great benefits of record players, they are worth it. It is great to want to get one for yourself but, aren’t you curious about the things to look for when buying a record player? There are many things to note since you don’t want to get the type that damage your records or the type that will pack after playing a few times. When purchasing a record player either as a gift or for yourself, note the things below.

Your Budget

You probably already know that thinking of your budget is important. Yes, that’s right. Note how much you are willing to spend on a record player. Note the types that revolve around your budget then, note and examine their features. You want to look for the type that suits your requirement. Be it the USB feature, the BLUETOOTH connection and many more details. People who are just buying their first record player, often search for the prices of standard record players. It often starts from about 100 dollars and above. Record players from that price and above are noted standard while ones below are not recommended for purchase. Because such record players end up damaging records or produce sounds that are nowhere close to the quality and most times the materials used to make up the players aren’t quality materials. If you want the best budget turntables, then you only have to do a little bit of work. And that is checking the upper part of this article. When you scroll up you’ll find some record players to choose from. Note the features and choose the brand that suits your requirements.


If you placed your record player in the sitting room today, you probably want to listen to it in your room or you have to take it along to the upcoming get-together party. The location you want is often not static. In this case, it’s important to note how mobile or portable a record player is when buying it. Record players that are mobile and come with designs that make them easy to carry about should be your focus.


Another main focus is the sound, quality sound. When talking about if a record player is worth buying, one of the important things we noted is the quality sound it produces. Record players with quality sound give the feeling of being in a live performance. So it’s imperative to note the sound when buying a record player.

Bluetooth Connection

The Bluetooth connection of a record player can either be in or out. When you can connect your devices with the record player using Bluetooth and the music on your devices goes into the speakers of the record player to be played then it is referred to as Bluetooth-in. However when the Bluetooth connection only works with external speakers. It is called Bluetooth-out. If you have Bluetooth speakers that you can connect your record player to for magnified sound then Bluetooth-out is an option if not, go for the former. Another means of connection is USB. You can convert records to digital audio files if a record player has a USB output. The USB does not only record but also works like the Bluetooth-in feature.

The Design

If record players don’t produce sounds, then they are a perfect choice for decorations. Of course, they produce sounds and that makes them multifunction. Record players are another form of decoration. Therefore, when choosing a record player shouldn’t you note the one that’ll suit where you intend to place it? Different colour designs, matte, as well as wooden designs, are out there for you to choose from. Choose the type that’ll for your interior decorations and see how it will add more life and beauty.

How it works

Is the record player Automatic, manual or semi-automatic. Record players can be one of the three. When a record player is fully automatic, the tonearm needs nobody to move it on the record. It automatically moves from the record to the beginning when the playing ends. For the semi-automatic, you have to move the tonearm on the record but you do not need to move it back once it stops playing. How the manual type work is quite obvious. You have to move the tonearm to and fro.

Type of Records

Many people have second-hand old records. If you also do, a high-quality record player should be your focus. All part of the record player ranging from the stylus, counterweight and tonearm is an important part of a record player. When these parts are quality designs then it’ll have no problem playing those types of records. Record players below standard skips music and can destroy such records you may have been collecting for quite a while.

How much does a decent record player cost?

Among the many features that define a decent record player is :

1. A good record player doesn’t damage records

2. It produces quality sound

3. Should last for a long time even decades

4. It should be to assemble and operate

5. Good and quality designs.

Of course, many other things define a record player as decent but among these five let’s note 3.

1. No damage to records

A good record player should not damage records. For it to be decent this feature is so important. The vibrations that the needle makes as it steers the groove on the record is magnified and the sound is being produced. But Cheap record players are indeed so popular in the field of damaging records. The needle steers so deep into the grooves. This tracking force is so high and eventually damages records.

2. Quality Sound

Any decent record players must sound great. We say record players produce quality sound that can captivate you to stick to a chair and listen for several minutes if not hours. Of course, we were talking about record players with quality sound. And when you play your favourite music using a record player it will sound like you are listening to it for the first time since it is not the compressed form. It will sound so real to you. That’s the beauty of a quality record player. You get the value for the money you invest. The price of record players starts from about 50 dollars above. If you get a record player from 100 dollars and below, then the records will suffer. Such record players do not deliver quality sound instead they damage records. But there are also record players from the range of 100 dollars up to 400. Such record players are good ones. They produce good quality sounds and will last you for long period. They are perfect with any budget.

For extreme music lovers, record players from 700 dollars and above suit them well. Such record players have all the good features. Their pass Mark is so great. They produce extraordinarily better sound. It does look like 700 dollars is too much to spend on a record player and that’s quite true. Therefore, the range of 100 dollars and above will suit a good record player.

3. Longevity

It takes quality materials to make up a product for it to last a long time. It’s the same case for decent record players. They should be made out of quality materials to last for as long as many decades. Decades from the 80s are still being used today and you can also see people buying a used one and will last them for long period also.


Record players are exceptional assets. They deliver to you perfect music in quality sound and what’s more? They reinforce beauty and life in a room. Whether it is your first time getting one or you need to replace the old one, you must check out the features of each records players that match your budget. You don’t want to get the type that will ruin the records you’ve been keeping for long. It requires little effort to select the best type and that is giving out some time to make read and make research. This article has examined some decent record players to select from. It has also given answers to questions that might come to your mind regarding choosing a record player.

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