6 ways to Enhance Headphones Performance


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Most users are obsessed with high-quality headphones, and we look to buy the ones that we see with others and brands or models that are popular as the best of quality, but we seldom think to test them and decide for ourselves. On the other side, individuals enjoy their headphones, and many are fascinated with enhancing their headphones’ sound quality.

Our smartphones are concerned with pumping out a sound for a broad range of activities, from music and films to gaming. These ‘jack of all trades’ units, however, aren’t audio experts.

Whatever the audio quality that your phone is capable of, to boost it, you can make a few things to make sure that the perfect audio punch is packed with your smartphone.

To enhance the performance of any headphone’s sound quality, you first need to calculate your headphone’s sound quality and then follow any of the six ways below to improve its quality. The list below will explain the six ways to enhance headphone performance that creates a reasonable difference in your headphones’ sound quality .

Many users think that good sound quality is linked to how loud the headphone’s music volume is. Still, the sound quality is determined by how clear, adequately mixed, well-mastered, and recorded a piece of music is.

It is crucial to get the perfect match

It is a proven fact that everyone’s ears are different, so the pair that suits your friend correctly might not fit so well for you. One person’s ears shape varies from the other; it is essential to get your ear’s perfect match. It would be best if you tried different headphones to get your best satisfaction. Testing different products would give you a good view on how to make a good choice on picking a headphone with high performance. This would help in a long run.

Rubber tips may also give your ear a little pain and may not provide the ideal sealing as well. Moving over to foam tips is the easiest way to get a good fit and the perfect sealing.

Another aspect related to the tips of the headphone’s performance, to get an optimum sound quality, the information can allow a better seal on your ear so that with better bass you get more exact sound. All of this is because our ear has different sizes, our left and right ears, so you can try other headphones tips that come in the box to see which one suits you perfectly.

Keep the headset intact

It is crucial that, when you are on the move, the headphones stay in its place. We know that when you jog or exercise, the in-ear devices tag along with a cable that wiggles here and there, which makes it difficult for the headphones to remain intact with the ear. There are methods by which you can solve this problem to prevent it from developing faults.

The most popular yet efficient strategy is to place the left tip in the right ear and the right end in the left, so they grip tightly because the tops are angled.

To keep it intact when you are on the move, you can also carry the cord from over the ear.

You may also use clothing clips for the cable of the headphones to prevent the wiggle while jogging or doing some physical activities.

You don’t have to change the volume from time to time.

When the headsets are correctly inserted, it means you have managed to block the external noise. It means that you do not have to change the volume; even the smallest information will be audible under this situation.

Only with proper positioning of the headphones can all frequencies be heard; mainly if the earphones are worn correctly, the base is essential.

To test the audio quality of any headphones by turning up the volume to its highest and checking if a sound is clear enough, technically and as a simple alternative method for average users, the headphones are not a high-quality one. Hence, it’s not capable of producing good quality sound.

Keep the Headphones safe and Maintained

We’ve seen people complain for more than a year that their earphones do not last because they keep them carelessly after use. Always ensure that once used, the headphones are kept safely. The ways of keeping your Headphones safe to last for a longer period of time are;

Do not excessively fold the earphone cable

Keep your headphones clean always

After use, make sure to maintain them in cases.

Make sure that the headphones are free from bacteria and fungus.

Use EQ settings o your Device.

Using the EQ on your device will provide a quality sound on your headphones, depending on the headphones’ quality. Although many audio and headphones users oppose EQ, they can be the best last resort for cheap headphones. Note that everyone hears audio differently or has different sensitivities to items such as bass, so it may be best for you to make minor changes to the EQ.

Don’t just put the earphones in

It would help if you didn’t support the cause of listening to quality music only by putting the headphones in. It can ruin the moment for you if the earphones are not inserted correctly. It is essential to gently insert the tip into your canal to ensure it sits correctly on it if it does not have a perfect seal. There are L and R marks on the headphones, which can indicate which one to put in which ear. Having to understand how to put your headphones properly is very impotant to ensure that your headphone is properly maintained.

A right seal guarantees that no external sound inside the headphone is detectable and enhances the audio experience. It can cause pain in the ear if the earphone is not correctly inserted and you would not be able to use it for more extended periods


These 6 tips will help you have a memorable time with your Headphones. Adhere to each of them!