5 Ways to Straighten Out Headphones Cables


Imagine the kind of feelings you have when you pick up your headphone cables to find out that it is entangled. Such a situation will be quite frustrating and annoying, especially if needed for an important task such as an audio or a video call. It might be a pain in the neck. Cable twirling usually happens when you squeeze your cables in your hand, inside your bags, pockets, etc. Read more on why you should install your own car stereo audio system.

Untwirling a headphone cable is not rocket science, it’s something you can do with your eyes closed. You don’t know it, but you can still learn how to do it. This article will teach you the five easiest ways to straighten out your headphone cables without having to tear them apart. Just sit back and enjoy. It’s going to be an exciting read.

Why is it Important to Keep Your Wires From Twirling?

It seems usual to some people, and they are less concerned about their bent headphone cables. They are not aware that several headphone wires are damaged by twirling. Here are the reasons you need to keep your wire from twisting namely;

Wear and Tear

Suppose the cables are bending consistently, wear and tear may destroy the copper wire to the extent of disclosing the wire inside.


Regular twisting can also reduce the cable’s sound quality, thereby making your cables defective.

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Ways to Prevent the Wire From Twisting

Wrap the Headphones Smoothly and Neatly

The first advice might seem trivial and obvious, but in reality, rolling your cable messily and casually will always keep you in the same situation. However, having the patience to tidy away the headphone wire will not only finally say goodbye to the usual tangle. Still, it will also prevent the internal filaments of the earphones from breaking.

Bend the Caps on a Plastic Card

Who doesn’t always have a plastic card with them? From the old phone card to the supermarket card or one of the clothing cards, you are no longer using. Just cut it out on the sides to shape it. Then you can roll up the headphones quickly.

Rubber Puppets

To prevent headphone cables from getting tangled, small funny and colourful rubber puppets have been created to wrap them on. There is no need to buy them since you can recover them from your old toys.

DIY Headphone Holder

If you are familiar with cutting and sewing, you could create a small case, a piece of about 25 cm will be enough to store up to three cables. To make it, just spread the leather on a shelf and use a cutter to cut out as many slots as the number of headphones you want to store.

The same process must be done over the slots already made to act as tabs that will hold the headphones in place. It is necessary to roll the thread well by giving it an oval shape not to bend.

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How to straighten out your headphone Wires?

After countless unsuccessful trials, you will feel like tearing the cable apart to get the cable untwisted. Don’t get upset over such a petty issue. Believe it or not, the more you despair, the longer it will take, and the more likely you are to destroy whatever it is you are trying to untangle. The five techniques below will show you how to untwirl your cables within the twinkle of an eye. It’s as easy a pie. Just follow the process.

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Method 1(Slip-knot):

Cross the left-hand earphone cable out of a coil.

Then fold the earphone cord in half in the right hand.

Also, put the earphone cord of the right hand into the coil of the left hand.

Continue to tie about five slip knots at different positions of the entire headphone cable.

Finally, insert the exposed coil of one of the sliding knots into the coils of the other sliding knots and then tighten them so that the two sliding knots are nested together, increasing the fidelity of the earphone cable knot.

At this point, all the slip knots will be untied with just one pull, and the entangled headphone cable can be restored instantly.

Method 2

Boil water, pour into a glass, wrap the cable around the glass, and tape it. You don’t have to tighten it too tight as long as the heat is transferred to the cable. After that, let it cool for a while. If you remove the cable when the water in the glass is filled with water, the messy cable should be almost in its original condition.

Method 3

Look for the extremes. You should be able to disconnect the ends (the part that connects to the phone or connects to the headset) for easier untangling. Use the ends and run them very carefully where they first got tangled. Make sure to follow this order till you finish.

Method 4

Hold the tip of the earphone between your middle finger and ring finger and fold It.

Wrap the rest of the cord around your index and little fingers in figure-eight.

Remove from your finger when the cord is about 5 cm left.

Wrap the rest of the cord in the middle of figure eight.

Insert it where the plug is wrapped.

You don’t need any tools, and you can do it within 20 seconds.

Method 5

Disconnect your headphone cable from the device so that you can move the wire freely.

Trace the end of the plug to the nearest tangle. It seems easy to untwirl cords when one part is untied. You have to work from the other end.

Grab the outer wire of the tangle and endeavour to make it lose. If it fails, put the tip of a pen below the end of the twist. Then drag to untie the knot.

Reciprocate these steps until the tangles are untwirled.


Sooner, a world we appear where wired headphone will no longer be useful instead AirPords, earbud, etc. Until then, we need to learn how to deal with these myriads of cables that sometimes make life a living hell. Don’t abandon your favourite headphone cables because it is twisted. The simple techniques highlighted in this article will help you to straighten your headphone cables. Just stick to it!.