Robert Pattinson Adopt Dog

Robert Pattinson grew so close to a dog on the set of his new film he has asked to adopt it.

The hunky actor is currently working on Water for Elephants which is about a handsome young veterinarian who joins the circus and also stars Reese Witherspoon. Robert had to shoot several scenes with a Jack Russell terrier, and got so attached to the pooch he has decided to give him a new home.

“The trainer said yes, but that it would cost Rob because he’s a show dog with special acting skills,” an insider giggled. “Rob laughed and said he’d pay whatever. He loves that little pooch.”

It is unknown when Robert will be allowed to take the mutt home, or what he has decided to name him.

The actor and Reese have got on famously on set, amazing movie bosses with the strong relationship they have forged. The pair became close as soon as they met at a table reading, and have enjoyed every moment of working together.

“Their chemistry is magic,” an insider reported. “They joke a lot and Rob has her blushing and laughing all the time. He’s very charming. He went on about how she is this beautiful, super-famous Academy Award winner, and Reese loved it.

“She was flattered and giggling while he teased. It’s cute and it makes for a great movie set. Everyone is excited because they fit so well together.”